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get vt., vi  got   getting

    得到,收到;经历     Did you get my telegram?你收到我的电报了吗?

                         Did they get any compensation when they were dismissed from their jobs?


    获得,取得            I must get some fruit in the market我得在市场上买点水果。

                          I''ll get sth. to eat before I got out.我出去之前要找点东西吃。

    取来;处理            Don''t answer the telephone. I''ll get it.别接电话,我来听。

    开始      to get customers开始营业   Get moving!走!

    发动      I''ll get the car going.我要使车发动起来。

    变得,变成   The food''s getting cold.菜凉了。

        This skirt is getting dirty; it needs washing."这件短裙脏了,该洗一洗了。"

    成为;被   to get trapped 被困

    弄;使;促使   I can''t get them all in.我不能把他们都弄进去。

    说服           Get him to see a doctor.劝他去找医生看看。

    到达,抵达     She got there at six.她六点钟到达那里。

             When we got to the station, the bus was waiting.当我们到达车站时,汽车还在等着。

    放进,弄进;取出,移出        Get that cat out of the house!把那猫从屋里赶出去!

    成功;达到…  If I get to see him, I''ll ask him about it.如果我见到他,我会问他那件事。

    患(病),得(病)     He''s got a bad cold.他得了重感冒。

    了解;听懂;明白     Do you get me?你明白我的意思吗?

                        Did you get the drift of the dispute? 你搞清楚争论的中心了吗?

    困扰;使烦恼;刺激   That gets me where it hurts.那句话刺伤了我。

    击中  I got her with a potato.我用马铃薯打中了她。


    击败对手,得胜    I''ll get him on that point.就那一点来说我会赢他。

成功;进展;有效果    My son is really getting somewhere.我儿子确实在进步。


     get sth. done使;受;让人做好;经历;让;做(该做的事)

              I''ll just get these dishes washed and then I''ll come.我得把盘子洗了,然后就来。

              I must get the television fixed.我必须请人修理一下这台电视机。

     get above oneself自高自大;自傲

     get (sth. or sb.) right了解

     get (sth. or sb.) wrong误解


     get across被理解;使人了解

           Did your speech get across to the crowd?你的演说听众理解吗? (= get over)

     get around避开,逃避to get around the tax laws逃避纳税 (= get round)

     get away with逃避惩罚

     get by度日;生活to get by on a small income靠微薄的收入生活

          尚可;勉强及格Your work will just get by.你的工作尚能过得去。

     get down(小孩)饭后离开餐桌; 困难地吞下

              Come on, get the pill down.来,把药片吞下去。

            写下,记下; 使疲倦、生病或不安

              The bad weather is getting me down.这坏天气使我毫无精神。

     get down to认真地静下心(工作)to get down to work静下心来工作

     get home中肯;被了解(不愉快的事) (= go home)

     get off(与with, together连用)结交异性;与异性发生性关系

     get on相处融洽; 变迟;变老   Time is getting on.时间已晚。

           继续  Get on with your work!继续工作吧。

           快;催促; 成功 to get on in one''s job在事业上取得成功

     get on for(时间、年纪、距离)接近,迈进, 快到She is getting on for fifty.她年近50了。

     get onto与…接触; 得知,获悉The police finally got onto him.警方终于得知了他的欺骗行为。

           被任命为;被选为; 开始讨论或从事

                                 How did we get onto that subject?我们是怎么谈到那个题目的?

           登机;骑上;爬上  I get onto the train every morning at 6:30.我每天早晨六点半上火车。

      get out of(使)逃避;避免;摆脱

                            She tried to get out of helping her mother. 她尽量逃避帮助她的妈妈。

              放弃 to get out of a bad habit改掉坏习惯

              使说出The police got the truth out of her.警察迫使她说出真相。

              获得,得到 How much did he get out of the deal?那笔交易他获得了多少钱?

      get over做完;结束;熬过You''ll be glad to get your operation over.手术做完了你一定会高兴的。

             使人了解或接受 ; 痊愈,康复

                              It took me a long time to get over my cold.我的感冒过了很久才好。

             克服             Can we get over this difficulty?我们能克服这个困难吗?

                              I can''t/ couldn''t get over.我十分惊讶。

      get round避开;逃避; 说服,争取(某人);旅行

      get round to找时间做

      get through接通(电话);让人了解Get it through to him that he must rest.要让他了解他该休息了。

              办完;完成;了结; (使议案在议会)通过

      get together相聚,聚会When can we get together?我们什么时候聚会?

      get up(使)起床;起身He is still asleep, he hasn''t got up.他还在睡觉,没起床。

      (病后)起床;(风、火等)变得 猛烈,增强;筹办;准备;演出to get up a party筹备一个舞会

        研究 to get up a subject研究一个学科

        穿起;装束    She has got up in a new costume.她穿起一身新装。

        增加;提高   to get up speed 增加速度(与to连用)到达

              What page have you got up to?你读到第几页了?


  近义词:  acquire   become   bring   bring about   fetch   gain   grow   incur  

           induce   influence   obtain   persuade   receive   retrieve   secure   turn

  反义词:  lose

  上三个词 gesture    gesture language     gesundheit

  下三个词get a bag on    get a bang out of    get a big hand




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