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take  vt., vi. took [tu:k], taken [teIkEn], taking [teIkIN]

    得到;获得              You have to take it as you find it.对这个你只得将就些算了。

    拿;握住;抓住          The mother took her child by the hand.母亲拉着孩子的手。

    取走,拿走              Take this shopping home.把这件买的东西拿回家。

                   The foods here are all free - take any you like.这里的食品都是免费的,你们随便吃吧。

                              He''d take a candy from a baby.()(非正式)他是个贪得无厌的下流坯。

                                               Who has taken my chocolate?谁拿了我的巧克力?

     容纳;装Its wide roads, which can take fourteen lanes of traffic, have been kept away from living areas.


                             These village cottages take in paying guests during the summer holidays.


                             The suitcase wouldn''t take another thing.这个衣箱再装不下别的东西了。

     带走;送                 You may take a horse to the water, but you cannot make him drink.()


             The next car the boy stopped did not take him into the centre of Paris as he hoped it would.


     带给;端给       Take him a cup of tea.端一杯茶给他。

     乘,坐,搭(车、船)Shall we go by bus or take a cab? 我们是乘公共汽车去还是乘出租汽车去?

                         to take a bus to work乘公共汽车上班    to take a train乘火车

     获得;得到    to take (the) first place获第一名

     购买          We take two news-papers a day.我们每天买两份报纸。

    吃;喝;服用;吸入   Take your medicine.把药服下。

    进行;作;为         taking a walk散步

                       If you don''t take / get more exercise you''ll get fat.你如果不多锻炼就会发胖。

                       The state government has decided to take a 50% cut of oil profits.


                 We must take a long hard look at their suggestion.他们的建议我们要好好研究一番。

                  to take a look around在附近看看

     测出,量出  Take your temperature. 量一量你的体温。

     减掉,去掉   If you take 4 from 10, you have 6.十减去四剩六。

     理解;领会  How do you take this passage?这段话你怎么理解?

     发誓;懂得;了解    Do you take me?你懂我的意思吗?

     攻读,修(课)     Did you take history at school?你在学校上过历史课吗?

     吸引;着迷       really taken by the little dog对小狗着了迷

     持续,花费(时间)How long does the flight take?  这个航班要飞多久?

                Just a minute, it won''t take me long to change.等一下,我很快就可以换好衣服。

               This new pain-killer doesn''t take long to act on the pain?


     需要                That work will take a lot of doing.这件事是不容易做好的。

It takes two men to do this. 做这项工作需要两个人。

     花费(钱)   It takes a lot of money to buy a house.买一所房子要花一大笔钱。

     能接受       This machine only takes 5-pence coins.这部机器仅能够放进5便士的硬币。

    照像,拍照    At first, Byrd and his men were able to take a great many photographs of the mountains that lay below.起初伯德和他的助手们能够拍下许多横亘于下的群山的照片。

              This time, he managed to climb into the mouth of Kituro so that he could take photographs and measure temperatures.这次他设法爬进了基特罗火山口,以便能拍到照片,测量温度。

                                      I had my picture taken this morning.今天早晨我照了像。

    起作用;奏效    Did the vaccination take?种痘有反应了吗?

    使生病;染病     He was taken ill.他生病了。

    写下;记录       He took my name and address.他记下了我的名字和地址。

    跳越;跨越       The horse took that last fence well.那匹马最后一栏跳得好。

    接受(出价)     I won''t take less than $5000 for my car. 我的汽车低于5000美元不卖。

【习惯用语】 take to one''s heels仓皇逃跑 (= take to one''s legs)

【词性变化】 take  n.  电影镜头;电视镜头

                        Six takes before the director was satisfied. 拍了六个镜头导演才满意。

                        交易金额;赃款; 所得金额和赃款的分成


   take aback使吃惊;使吓呆

   take after相似     She takes after her mother.她长得像她妈妈。

   take back 撤销;同意收回;同意回来

   take for当作;误认为

            We must not take it for granted that the board of the directors will approve of the investment plan.


   take in收留,收容(某人);包括;囊括;包含

                                     You can also take in some of the notable architectural monuments.


         改短(衣服);缩减尺寸; 了解;领悟  to take in a doctrine了解一种主义


    take off脱掉(衣服)

           I take my hat off to him for the way he arranged the party.我对他安排社交聚会的方式表示佩服。

           Take off your clothes; they''re very wet. 脱掉你的衣服,衣服湿透了。

          模仿(别人的神态);(飞机)起飞  The plane took off at three o''clock.飞机三点钟起飞了。

                        The nursery teacher often leads her children to watch aircrafts take off or land.


    take on雇用;聘用; 开始显现;变得有;与人较量

              Why don''t you take on sb. your own size?你怎么不跟和你一样高的人较量?


    take out拔掉;去掉; 带(某人)出去;跟(某人)出去; 申请取得;获得

              Have you taken out insurance? 你参加保险了吗?

   【习惯用语】take sb. out of himself给某人解闷;为某人消愁

              take it out of sb.使某人精疲力尽

              The long journey seems to have taken it out of mother.长途跋涉似乎把妈妈给累垮了。


       take out on向别人发泄自己的情绪

       take over 接任;接管;接收

       take to喜欢; 沉溺于;养成…习惯 to take to drinking沉溺于饮酒

              去;到    The criminal took to the woods.罪犯逃到了林子里。

       take up开始从事;专注于He took up art while at school.他在学校时开始对艺术感到兴趣。

             继续;接下去 to take up one''s story接着讲故事


       take up with与(人)交往

  近义词:assume bring  capture carry choose convey  gain  gather  get guess  hire infer  involve lease  need  obtain  pick out  receive  require   select   stand   suppose   swallow

  反义词:  bring   give

  上三个词 takamatsu   takamycin   takaoka

  下三个词take a active part   take a back seat    take a bad picture




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